Records Database Management

 Global Training Centre specializes in safety training records database management. We can assist in tracking your workers training records, not only for training courses taken with us but also for outside providers.

The tracking of participant safety training begins with first contact registration. At that time, the participant’s personal and company information is entered into the data management system and, as each event takes place, details are added to the record. This follows a natural progression through:

· Registration                       
· Confirmation
· Evaluation
· Certification
· Notification of renewal

As each participant completes a module of training, whether a single course or the Safety 2000® week of courses, a complete record of the training is issued to both the participant and their company. If a certificate needs to be replaced or a participant's history reviewed, those details can be retrieved from our data management system.

Most certificates are valid for a three-year period. Twice a year, renewal notices are sent to the individual or to the company listing those individuals who are due to renew their training within six months.

This system allows us to provide reports to companies to assist them in managing training records. The main types of reporting that can be generated from our data management system are:

  • Certificates – Wall or wallet certificates confirming either a single course or group of courses, with issue and expiry dates.
  • Supervisor Reports – Lists the individuals a specific supervisor has sent for training during a particular period, courses taken, marks achieved, expiry date and location of each course.
  • Participant History Reports – Lists the courses an individual has taken, the company they worked for at the time of the course, the marks achieved and the expiry date.
  • Renewal Reports – Lists the individuals due for renewal training within a specific period of time, the operating centre they were working for at the time of training and the contact person (supervisor) who originally authorized the training.

Global Training Centre will also access and maintain the safety training records for other corporations using their databases. If you are interested in these services please contact us.

Records Database Management



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