Debbie Shelley

Debbie Shelley is the C.E.O. and Director of Training for Global Training Centre, an internationally recognized Industrial Fire and Safety Education Company. Her working career has taken her to multiple countries dealing with safety in a range of industries from drilling to transport, both on shore and off.

Debbie has passionately pursued the heightening of safety awareness and how to reach the goal of 'zero injuries'. Her energy and passion to this subject has earned her the reputation of being an industry leader, and to date she has developed programs for hundreds of companies across North America and worldwide.

Debbie is an inspiring speaker who deals head-on with any topic she is given. She has presented at numerous conferences, facilitated workshops, and spoken to countless associations and corporations throughout the world, all with the same message - "Safety is critical - both on and off the job".

Popular keynote presentations include the following:

  • Dig Safely
  • Ground Disturbance Awareness
  • Human Factors Awareness
  • Leadership Safety Essentials
  • Mapping the Road Ahead with Proactive Reporting
  • Off-the-Job Safety
  • Understanding Safety Systems

To book Debbie Shelley to speak at your next safety meeting or conference, please contact Global Training Centre at 403-934-5046.

Martin Lesperance

Martin Lesperance

Martin Lesperance is an entertaining speaker who deals head-on with the topic of safety. His humorous style and light-hearted approach effectively convey the message that safety is vital. A professional keynote speaker, Martin presents at conferences, facilitates workshops, and speaks to countless associations and corporations throughout North America. Employed as a professional firefighter and paramedic, this best-selling author demonstrates safety tips and drives home information that prevents injuries, both on and off the job!

Industrial safety is a critical topic for Martin’s corporate clients. Worker injuries account for a large part of employee benefit costs. Thus, fire safety, home safety and even school safety have become vital ingredients for a healthy corporate bottom line. Let Martin improve your corporate well being by providing a healthy dose of home and workplace safety tips and information to help prevent injuries and accidents.

Martin’s company, Inter Provincial Safety Resources Ltd., provides a unique first aid training concept for Global Training Centre that utilizes less theory and workbooks, and more scenarios and practical applications. The practical modules are unique in that participants respond to several mock-ups using live casualties. No other first aid course has been presented with such enthusiasm and motivation among participants.

Contact Martin now for an entertaining and motivating boost to employee safety. After all, a healthy employee is a productive one! To arrange for Martin to speak at your safety meeting or conference, please call 1-888-278-8964 or 403-225-2011.

Visit www.safete.com for more information and free articles you can download for your company newsletters.


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