Global Legacy Foundation


The Global Legacy Foundation was formed to identify needs and address community safety
issues, provide safety education to youth and to help families in our community who have
been affected by a life impacting event due to workplace injury.

The Foundation was formed as an avenue to further promote, organize and facilitate the
community charity work that was already taking place here at Global. Up until this time
our community charity work was organized by the Global Training Centre social committee,
and that committee would then ask Global to support them in their efforts.

The Foundation allows us to categorize our efforts into three focus areas:

  1. Families who have been affected by a life-impacting event due to workplace injuries.
       (ie. Nathan Haase Golf tournament)
  2. Educating children and youth about safety.
       (ie. Lost Youth/Red Dot program, and EDITH - fire safety at home school program)
  3. Community driven initiatives.
    – organizations/individuals can apply for funds for safety related devices.

       (ie. Vegas comes to Strathmore Fundraiser for the new outdoor rink lights)


Message from the CEO

Since the inception of Global Training Centre, my passion and vision is to keep ourselves and
others safe.  I believe that together at Global we have made huge changes in the industry and
companies that we have touched. The Global Legacy Foundation is now in place so that we
can extend our passion, expertise and support to our Strathmore and surrounding communities.


Debbie Shelley CRSP

CEO - Director of Training


Email us at - info@globallegacyfoundation.org

                                                       corporate access number: 5016831447


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Global's Vision

 To save lives and make a difference.


We educate and empower people to choose to live safer through transferring life experiences.


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